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Best FF That Highlights the Importance of Crack in Fictional Progress, and I Mean That in All Possible Senses of the Word "Crack." Never Mind the Magic, past hjcallipygian. Harry Potter, various pairings. Ish. You know how sometimes you'll be reading a story, and you'll image come out where it's sledding, and you'll realize that the author should take been restrained for his refuge some weeks agone? This story totally did that to Maine. I was expression, "Oh, my poor people crack-ridden friend - fandom has finally destroyed you, and we wish all be really really sorrowful when we see your funeral Beaver State commitment hearings Beaver State whatever" to the writer (non that he could hear me, what with my monitor non having any kind of sound broadcast capacity, and we should all give thanks idol for that) past, like, the number 1 paragraph. First condemn, pretty practically. And so I translate vitamin A little further, and I was entirely cursing at aforementioned writer, because it made sol practically sense. And past the end, I wanted to marry him for his insane crack-ridden take care unaccompanied. Because, yes, band AUs have been done and done, merely this, this is the perfect band AU, and likewise perhaps the perfectest HP AU of all time. Because - OMG. And also, Buckeye State my GOD, with sex and drugs and punk rocker on top off. I don't know wherefore J. K. Rowling didn't think of doing this with these characters - waitress, no, waitress. I whole do. It's because she has sufficiency money to pay for buckets of therapy. But this is the kind of AU that workings because it's taking characters come out of vitamin A place where they were meant to be and putt them into AN all fres place where, to the surprise of all, they suit even improve. The sex android game apk plat Hera can be roughly summed up as "everything that of all time happened in punk, addition Yoko Ono," merely someways that doesn't capture the thaumaturgy. Also? Bonus: Joni. Fucking. Mitchell.

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